Alpha werewolves are one of the many predators on Apocalia. These wolves are dangerous due to the fact that they are a double threat, going either quadrupedal or bipedal (standing on four legs or only two). Alpha wolves are highly venomous when enraged, and if it's not a Blood Moon, then the bitten will automatically die from the poison in his/her veins.

Known FactsEdit

Social LifeEdit

Alpha wolves are solitary creatures, and it's rare to see a pack of them together, but it hasn't been unheard of before; several Apocalians have seen Alpha wolves hunt in packs.


Alpha werewolves are known for their short tempers and brute strength when encountered, but not all Alpha Wolves are brutes. They can be brutal or lovable pups; it all depends on who was bitten.

When a victim is first bitten, the curse begins to take effect over a slow rate of time.

Spreading the CurseEdit

Alpha werewolves can only spread the curse through biting someone and injecting its venom into the blood stream. But to do so means the they would have to wait every fifty years for the Blood Moon to do so. Alpha wolves during a Blood Moon tend to be more dangerous than any other time of the year, and if an Alpha Wolf chooses to permanently unleash its inner beast, then things tend to turn into a blood bath.

Known Cure

The only way to cure a Alpha Wolf victim is to kill the wolf that bit him/her.

How to Tell if Someone is TurningEdit

  1. Bite mark scars hours after bite occurs (obvious)
  2. Eyes turn wolf-like (important)
  3. Tendency to lose temper every few seconds
  4. Features begin to turn wolf-like (process is painful due to bone rearrangement or reshaping)
  5. Constantly scratching bite mark scar
  6. More canine looking claws
  7. Strong meat appetite (this is trouble if the victim is a halfing that eats meat)

Items to madeEdit

Alpha wolf fur after shedding is commonly used in the lining of Royal or noble Apocalian clothing, and the venom is a keen ingredient for brewing potions, anti-venoms or medicine.

Breeding CycleEdit

Alpha wolves don't tend to breed with other alpha wolves, due to the fact that they are very unsociable animals, and who can blame them. A male alpha wolf in heat tends to lash out at anything, even female alpha wolves, and they are likely to kill other alpha wolf pups to ensure that their genes are passed on to their pups.

Alpha Wolf pups can pass of wolf halflings, because they look almost exactly alike but the differences begins to show during the puberty stage of the Alpha wolf life cycle.

Known Alpha WolvesEdit

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