Aquas is the voice of reason in Sub-Zero's team. She is shy at times and dares not to question Sub-Zero even though he treats her so kindly. Sub-Zero and her have been through a lot together, she had ran away from her abusive foster family at age 15.

Romantic InterestEdit

She had a huge crush on Sub-Zero when they first met in the woods as she was trying to get away from her abusive foster family and the other family members who were close to getting her till 3 were frozen by Sub-zero and then shattered.As her abusive Foster family retreats she hugs him tight as a thank you. Taken by surpise Sub-Zero begins to steam and blush. Aquas later became apart of Sub-Zero's team as his second in command.

Personal Vendeta's Edit

After becoming part of Sub-Zero's team (Only her and Sub-Zero at the time), they went to he old Foster home to help someone else out of the personal trama that she had went through. When she bursted through the door to save the kid, her old family were surpised to see her, and afraid of her, her rage built and she attacks her abusive father first and as the mother escapes Sub-Zero flash freezes her in permafrost. Aquas then takes the beaten child to the hospital to help her get better, the police then arrest the entire foster family under the charge of brutality towards a child. Aquas visits the injured child on a regular basis to check up on her.