Aquella Nagarumi is a nineteen-year-old musician and the lead guitarist of her own band. She is also a decendant of Duan the Hedgehog, another talented guitarist who lived over a thousand years ago. She is currently in possession of the guitar Duan used to use, which has been passed down and preserved for the past thousand years. Of all of her ancestors whom Aquella knows, Duan is the one she respects the most, even aspiring to be as great as him, despite her band members and her many thousands of fans insisting she's the best in the world.

She is currently on tour in southern Yurashia.


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Aquella is a blue hedgehog with straight, cyan hair reaching down to the middle of her back. She wears a black T-shirt, black jeans, and black combat boots.


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Aquella Nagarumi is exceptionally skilled in hydrokinesis. The rest of her band members don't know it, but Aquella is the current heir to the Water Realm's throne. She is also the most recent prodigy of her bloodline. Her skill in hydrokinesis is so great that she can use techniques that are dubbed as difficult or nearly impossible to master. She can generate and manipulate hydrokinetic lightning, she is the fourth Water Being in history to master hydrokinetic fire, an ability that allows the user to control fire using only hydrokinesis, and she is the second Water Being to understand the concept of hydrokinetic geokinesis, though she is still working on being able to control it herself.


  • Her other, unnamed band members; four guys all the same age as her, though she has no romantic interest in any of them.


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