Brooke Logree is the fifteen-year-old daughter of the leader of Logree Village, set deep in the forests of Northamer. Like her father, Brooke has exceptional control over plant life, and is a very kind-hearted individual.


Brooke is a young deer with tan fur. Being as young as she is, she still has a few white spots on her fur, but most of them have already vanished amid the tan. She has bright green eyes and brown hair, and a white belly and muzzle. She wears a deep green t-shirt and brown jeans held up by a brown belt. She also wears hiking boots and a brown bandana around her neck.


Brooke is a generous and cheerful person, and is usually very friendly.


Brooke has extensive control over plants of all kinds, to the point of being able to make full-grown trees bend over without breaking, grow fairly large plants in a few seconds, and even make any kind of plant grow on any kind of soil or rock.


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  • Leif Logree (father)
  • Fern Logree (younger sister)
  • Thysia Logree (deceased mother)
  • Lucia Ellavu (deceased aunt)


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