Cyberstorm is a robotic duplicate of Darkstorm the halfbreed created by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik as an Infiltration unit to tear down the Freedom fighters within the group, later reprogramed with a slight defect to the processors.


Created from a rare mobian metal, Antivantium, Dr. Robotnik planned to get ridd of several thorns in his side, the perfect infiltration unit and the perfect war machine aside from Metal Sonic, silver sonic, Mecha tails, Mecha Knuckles and Mecha sonic. Eggman gave the bot a chameleon modification and placed a spirit stone in its core processor to power it, upon activation the new android began scanning its robot brothers for newer upgrades or abilities, Metal Sonic threatened to disessemble Cyberstorm if he continued on him so Cyber stopped scanning Metal Sonic. After his initial tests were passed beating Metal Sonic's Record on accuracy, stamina and areodynamics, Cyber was sent on his mission to bend in with the Freedom FIghters, when he landed in the Green Hill zone Cyber's tactical mode activated along with his Chameleon Suit turning it into the exact look alike to Darkstorm. Something began to develope in Cybers computer brain, something he can't initially understand, he shrugged off and locates the remains of E-101 BETA and begins to scan it for upgrades. During the processe he is encountered by several of Eggmans Swatbots, they label him as Priority One target and prepare to attack when Cyberstorm was saved by Blaze the Hedgecat. His initial programing kicks in and joins the attack on the Swatbots seeing that his guise is believable and exact, Blaze THC takes Cyber to Freedom HQ since he looks a lot like Darkstorm, as he is being led to the inner part of Freedom HQ he is sending a scimatic of the entire base to Robotinik, minutes later he is giving the order to attack when the real Darkstorm makes contact with Sonic and the others. Seeing no alternative he disables his guise and twin blades extend from his arms, and since his metalic body is made of a rare metal it makes him virtually indestructable to almost anything. More too come.....


  • Arm Blades
  • Laser Eyes
  • Miniture Vulcan Miniguns (In both arms)
  • Razor sharp claws and teeth
  • Lazer Targeter for airstrikes

Known Weaknesses and Weak PointsEdit

  • One good hit to the back of the head will take down his tracking ability [Weak point]
  • EMP Blasts (Weakness)
  • Liquid Hydrogen (Light Weakness)
  • Knees {One laser shot immobilizes him in the right spot} [Weak point]
  • Chest Cavity {Lightly armored, an EMP shock wave will shut him down, but he will learn to manuver around so aim streight} [MAJOR WEAK POINT]