Darkstorm is the prophesized savior of his home world of Apocalia. His story begins as most other stories start off; with his birth. But as he is talked of, another story is barely beginning. His tyrant of a father, Snowstorm Barator, plots a multiversal war, setting his sights for the blue world of Terra, known to us as Earth.

(Currently in progress, same with title)

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Chapter One Edit

Apocalia, the third world in the solar system of Varanol, had lost its king to the harsh winter that had came in late December (in Terran calendar). The great Dracnai, Tanarak Barator, had perished in the deep frost.

Halflings of all races, ranging from Ceretors to other Dracnai, came to bid the Drak'Vorkata farewell. Tanarak's son, Snowstorm Barator, looked at the corpse of his father with a look of emotionless thought. His mate, Nimia Ritniva, put her hand on the young prince's shoulder. "I am sorry about the loss of your father, my love." she says to him, attempting to comfort him.

Snowstorm looks at his wife with the same emotionless stare. "Did you kill my father?" he asks coldly, the air around him feeling very chilled as he breathed it. "No, my love. It's just that he is dead and it must hurt you," She says to her husband almost defensively.

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Chapter Two Edit

Upon exiting the Terran Rift, Snowstorm is greeted by a tree by walking into it. He merely growls in annoyance rubbing his face, "I know that it's going to bruise..." he says running his hands through his snow-white hair. After he finishes looking himself over, the tyrant king begins to walk west to find his way out of the woods. As he walks, Snowstorm can't help but shake the feeling like he is being watched, ever few steps or so he would look over his shoulder only to find nothing, " Must be nothing," he says to himself as he reaches the end of the woods.

What the Drak'Vorkata saw before his eyes was enough to make those before him envious. Snowstorm saw a great city across a ruby bridge, chariots with no horses, lights that required no flame and the smell of food was absolutely everywhere even for his distance. Just as he was about to continue onward, loud noises come from right behind him, getting close fast; incredibly fast.

Snowstorm looks behind himself with a jump to find a navy blue horseless chariot (a car) zoom past him with the driver yelling at him, "Watch where you're going, asshole!"

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