Part two of the roleplay.


Birth of DameonEdit

Darkstorm:(Yawns awake)

Shoko: (heavily pregnant)

Terra: (four; playing outside)

Darkstorm: Hey hon

Bakuu: (pins his sister)

She giggles.

Teniahk: Mama whens sibling going to be born?

Darkstorm: Be patient sweetie Mommy needs to relax

Shoko giggles softly.

Shoko: "Your father's right, Ten. These things take time."

Teniahk : nods her head and goes to play with Bakuu and Terra)

Shoko: ^-^

Dark rubs her belly

Her water starts to break.

Darkstorm: eyes widen)

She starts to groan.

he gets her to the medic tent

She screams in pain.

Within minutes the newest baby begins crying taking its first breaths into the then new world

Darkstorm: Its a boy

She nuzzles her son.

he fusses a bit his fur wet

Shoko: ^_^ (dries him off)

the baby shivers

She licks his head.

The baby:(Yips)

Shoko: ^.^

Darkstorm: smiles) Who's this handsome little tike?

The Baby:(giggles)

Shoko: "Hmmm..."

Darkstorm: what do we name him?

Shoko: "How about Dameon?"

Darkstorm: Dameon-actu-sin, I like it.

She smiles.

Dameon:( squirming in his fathers arms)

She giggles.

Dameon: KIDS

Teniahk and Bakuu run in

Terra soon follows, afterwards.

Darkstorm: this is your baby brother Dameon

She yips, wagging her tail.

teniahk nuzzles her baby brother

Bakuu sniffs

Terra :3

Dameon boops Bakuu's nose

Terra: (giggling)

Bakuu nuzzles his baby brother

Terra nuzzles him, as well.

Dameon boops his sisters nose

She licks his face.

Dameon: (giggles)

Terra: =3

Darkstorm: smiles)

Terra: ^_^

Darkstorm: Play nice you two

Terra: "M'kay..."

Dameon: noms her paw)

She giggles.


Terra: :3 (barks happily)

Sibling Rivalry Edit

Terra: (studying hard)

Dameon chasing a butterfly

She closes her book; she hasn't had time to relax in months due to her long and continuous studying.

he tugs on her wings

Terra: "H-hey, cut that out!"

he yips

She yelps as he tugs harder.

he plays with her wings

She folds them.

he whines

She makes a pouty face.

he whines louder

She starts to lose her temper, snarling.

he runs off hinging

Terra: "Hrmph."

Darkstorm smokes behind her

Her ears perk up.

Darkstorm: hmmmmmm

She yawns, tired.

Darkstorm: Explain why Dameon is crying

Terra: "Dunno."

Darkstorm: Terra.

She growls.

Darkstorm:(Eyes Flashes Yellow)

Her irises turn from steel to red.

Darkstorm: Terra-Actu-Sin, tell me the truth now

Terra: (baring her fangs) "I am..."

Bakuu:(Walks past) She snarled at him

She lowers her ears.

Darkstorm: Terra he is just a puppy

Terra: "But... but so am I."

Darkstorm: Ok i forgive you

She smiles.

Darkstorm: But I do not want you snarling at your brother

Terra: "Fine."

Darkstorm: Ok, its late honey off to bed

She yawns and heads to her room.

Dameon is curled up on her bed

She get under her sheets.

Dameon snuggles up to her

She yawns, sleeping.

(Next morning)

Terra: (awakens)

dameon hugs her

She smiles.

Darkstorm: Terra, Dameon breakfast

She heads downstairs.

Dameon:(On her head)

She eats.

he suckles off his mom

She finishes her breakfast.

Bakuu:(tickles her)

She giggles.

Bakuu: you're it little sis

She chases him.

he runs off laughing

She tags him.

He pounces her

She is pinned.

he smokes)

(years later)

Terra: (in her mid to late teens)

Dameon: Big sis

Terra: (sighs) "What?"

Dameon: Play

She rolls her eyes.

Terra: "I don't have time for your childish games." (goes to train)

Dameon:( fluttering his wings)

She attacks a target.

Dameon whines bored

She sniffs the air, sensing something off.

Dameon walks in)

She wanders off, intrigued.

Dameon whines)

She tracks down Everburn's scent nearby.


Terra: "Hmmm..." (about to turn back)

he attacks

Terra: (screams)

Dameon hears and runs back home to get their parents

She struggles.

Vengeance Quest Edit

Darkstorm: Terra (rubbing his daughters cheek)

She sniffles.

Dameon nuzzles his sister

Terra: "..."

Dameon:(licks her cheek)

Terra: "..."

Darkstorm:( Roaring breaking expensive furniture)

Shoko: (attempting to srop him)


She lowers her ears.


Terra: (crying) "Daddy, listen to what mother has to say... please, she has a valid point."

Darkstorm: ok then

Terra: (heads into her room, sobbing in a corner)

Darkstorm:(I am listening intently

Shoko nuzzles him gently.

Darkstorm:(hugs her)

Shoko: ^_^

Darkstorm: (sighs)

Shoko: "..."

Bakuu:(Returning from the arena falling face first on the couch)

Shoko: "Welcome back, Bakuu. Where's Natasha?"

Bakuu: (muffled) packing her things to move into the beach house

Shoko: "Ah."

Darkstorm: tired from the arena?

Bakuu:(Muffled) Mhm

Shoko: "Well, go ahead and get some rest."

Bakuu: Why do you think I am on the couch

Shoko: (sighs) "In your bed, Bakuu. Get some rest in your bed."


She rolls her eyes and takes a seat in the couch.

Dameon jumps on his moms lap)

Shoko: ^_^

Dameon:(Noming his own tail)

She nuzzles Dameon.

Darkstorm nuzzles his son

Dameon: Yips)

Shoko: ^^

Dameon burps cutely

Shoko giggles.


Dameon belches fire at his fathers face)

Darkstorm:(Coughs smoke)

She shrugs.

Darkstorm: Another flame from my torch

Shoko: "Yup."

Dameon licks his moms nose)

Holiday surprise Edit

Terra: (asleep)

Teniahk:(Practicing to be her mid wife)

She yawns, feeling somewhat nauseous.

Darkstorm: walks in)

She heads to the bathroom.

Darkstorm: feeling ok Terra

Terra: "N-no..." (groaning)

Darkstorm: the baby?

Terra: "...?"

Dark goes back to decorating the tree

She sighs.

Bakuu: hey sis you ok in there?

Terra: "No. I already told dad that, jeez..."

Dameon: you don't have to be wude

Terra: "I'm NOT being rude..."

The young pup stick his tongue at his sister and walks off

She growls.

Teniahk: Sis

Terra: "?"

Teniahk: calm yourself, also mind leaving gotta shower

She sighs, walking to her room and plopping on the bed

She feels her baby kick her kidney.

She groans.

Bakuu: decorates her door)

Nausea starts to hit her again.

Bakuu: you ok

She nods her head no.

her water breaks

Terra: (panicking)

at the hospital

Terra: (screaming in pain)

Darkstorm: worried for her)

(hours later)

A baby is crying

Terra: (nuzzles the baby)

Darkstorm: walks in)

Terra turns slightly cautious as her father enters the room, not knowing how he'll react.

he sniffs his grandson

Terra: (a nervous look on her face) "Go easy on him, dad."

The baby boops his grandfatehrs nose


She giggles, but her expression soon changes into a disappointed look.

Terra: "... I'm raising him by myself."

Darkstorm: you aren't alone, you have us, your family

Terra: "But he doesn't have... a-another parent, who will willingly take care of him. His father is merely a coldhearted tyrant who will probably manipulate him."

Darkstorm holds his grandson.

The baby giggles

She sighs.

Darkstorm: Terra Jakoiya Actu-sin, you have your entire family willing to help raise your child

Terra: "But he doesn't have a father figure..."

Bakuu: he gots me his crazy uncle

She giggles.

The baby giggles

Terra: ^-^

Bakuu: plays with her ear)

The baby whine hungry

She feeds it.

Bakuu: Hangs upside down)

Terra: "Heh."

he snoozes

She sighs in slight annoyance.

Shadows of Fire Edit

Darkstorm:(Training with his wife)

Terra: (watching over her son)

Andrew:(Playing with his toys)

She giggles.

Bakuu: hmmmm

Terra: "What?"