This is Darkstorms personal log book where he wrote down all the losses of those he loved. *Not a roleplay*


Entry 1: She was murdered, my own father murdered my own mother. She didn't deserve this; it's my own fault, my heart can't take this... why did it have to be her? (other parts of the entry was lost as he had ripped out the other pages)

Entry 2: My beloved Chingtahl, I miss you so much; my heart grows blacker by the minute. Your death now wants to enact vengeance on your killer, this war has claimed too much. It is not your fault you were killed, it is my own. I should have taken that bullet, you'd still be here if I had, but I didn't and it is my fault.(tears cover the rest of the entry)

Entry 3: First Chingtahl and now I lose Vikina. the bastard slayer just couldn't forgive her and let her leave, he just had to kill her and now she is ash and bone dust. I must be destined to lose those I care for so much and I can't keep them, I spread harm everywhere I go. 

Entry 4: My son misses his mother, my little Bakuu. I can't explain to him that his mother was a vampire and he may be half like her. I can't even fathom the fact that I'd have to tell him that his mother was murdered by someone that I killed out of vengeance. He is so innocent, I will be there to protect him at all times. (rest of entry burned)

Entry 5: That bastard of a brother has the gull to send someone to kill my boy. My Tosha, I will make Dromeo regret ever being born. Tosha will be avenged, I swear it even if it means my own death. (rest of entry destroyed due to Dark's Feral form)

Entry 6: My son's death has been avenged, and yet I feel more anger than relief. What must I do to keep myself from hurting those I love?

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