Darkstorm was raised and trained by Michael and the other Archangels, so he has a muscular appearance. His training was brutal and hard. He has spiky, pitch black hair and narrow steel grey eyes. Darkstorm has a slim, flat nose with a somewhat short tip and a rectangular face shape. His skin tone is somewhat tanned, and he has pointed, elf-like ears. Darkstorm also bears pearly white sharp teeth and claws, used for hunting and self-defense. One of his most notable traits is his spiked, black tail (on which there are 12 spikes) and his leathery black wings. His wings have three scars on the back and are slightly torn.


Darkstorm wears a formal shirt and pants. His shirt is tucked in and also torn in the back, due to his wings. Darkstorm also wears a necklace with a crucifix made of a rare white crystal.


Darkstorm is a kind and gentle person, when those around him get to know him without judging his demonic appearance. He is no pushover, however, and his patience does have their limits. If he is pushed too far, he will go after the person that set him off. If he is pushed too far, then he will attack with a far great sense of rage. Unlike most other Apocalians, who jump head first into battle without thinking, he is in control of himself, thanks to the training he received from his teachers. However, there will be moments where he loses control of his rage, and he will unintentionally unleash Malistare, bringing a world of chaos. As Malistare, Darkstorm will not be in control of himself.


Darkstorm was born to the Apocalian Snowstorm Barator, and a human woman named Mi-Actu-Sin. He was prophesized to one day overthrow his Tyrant father and become king of Apocalia leading it into a new Era, but his lessons were only beginning for when he turned three his mother is violently murdered infront of him when he was the target of Snowstorm after refusing his offer to join him.


"My mother was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen..." After describing his mother.

"I want to never see my father after what he did to me at age 3." Expressing his hatred towards his father.

"I am Drak'Vorkata Darkstorm-Actu-Sin Vesheka Barator." Introducing himself.

"I am the one who shall keep the multiverse safe, the halfling families will once again reunite with their human counterparts; I will never know the fate of my family."

Game Quotes

  • "Oh yeah!"- A Rank.
  • "Better than nothing." - B Rank.
  • "What? Na'ok!" - C Rank.
  • "Impossible!" - D Rank.
  • "Damnit!"- F Rank.
  • "Failure isn't an option." - E Rank.
  • "May the wolf guide me..." - S Rank.
  • "Hey player, less chips more focus!" Fourth wall breaking when idle.
  • "Guns; they have their uses." When using any guns.


  • He is Drak'Vorkata (Ruler) of Apocalia.
  • Darkstorm's mother was murdered by his father at age 3.


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