This is episode 1 of Darkstorm Multiversal: Sonic's Universe (Venom, Spongebob and DARKEST only)


Jack & Patricia: (relaxing together on the grass)

Stream: (Asleep on a tree)

Jack: What a beautiful day

Patricia: You said it

Meline: (Leaning on the tree Stream is sleeping on)

?????:(Steps on a twig)

Meline: (Hears) Hm?


Meline: !!! Wait!!


Meline: ....Wh-who are you?

Darkstorm: Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Meline: Meline the Echidna...

Darkstorm: Heh

Jack & Patricia: (notices Darkstorm & Meline)

Jack: Hi there


Meline: N-no.... I don't think they mean to bother you, Darkstorm...

Darkstorm:(Calms) Recah *Hello*

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And my name is Patricia the Skunk

Darkstorm:(Taller than Jack and Patricia)

Jack & Patricia: (looks up to Darkstorm)

Jack: So, what's your name?

Darkstorm: Darkstorm the halfbreed

Patricia: It's very please to meet you

Darkstorm:(Pick patricia up by her scruff and sniffs)

Meline: Well.... uhh, she IS a skunk....

Patricia: (waves hello)

Jack: Darkstorm, please be careful with Patricia.

Darkstorm:(Puts Patricia down)

Patricia: So, how's your day today?

Meline: ......

Jack: (smiles) Patricia & I just want to know how is your day today.

Darkstorm:*Doesn't answer*

Jack: Ooookay?

Patricia: Anyways, Jack & I are just relaxing together on the soft green grass.

Jack: Yeah & we're trying to think of something that is fun that we can do.

Darkstorm:(Doesn't understand the word fun)

Meline: Hm? Darkstorm?

Jack: Come on, let's play "catch"

Patricia: Okie dokie Jackie. (pulls out her pink bouncy ball & tosses it to Jack)

Jack: (catches it) Got it. (tosses the ball back to Patricia)

Patricia: (catches it) Say Darkstorm, would you like to play with us?


Meline: Yeah. Play. But I mostly "play"..... sports, y'know.

Jack: Darkstorm, you don't know what "Play" is?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out a polished skull from his sack)

Jack: (gulps) Is that a skull?

Darkstorm: *Nodds)

Meline: Whoa, cool!

Patricia: Darkstorm? Where did you get that shiny skull?

Darkstorm: I removed it from a living alien

Meline: Wow....


Jack: Ok then.

Meline: .....

Patricia: So, wanna play "Catch" with me & Patricia?

Meline: (Is eleven) Catch....? Last time I played it, I was six. Besides, it's too..... simple.

Jack: But Darkstorm doesn't know what fun is & we need to teach him how to play games by starting with a game of "Catch".

Darkstorm:(Lifts a tree from its roots)

Patricia: Wow, I didn't know you have super strength. That's cool

Darkstorm:(tosses the tree up in the air, slices it, when it lands it is a house)

Jack: Wow, now that's awesome. How did you do that?

Darkstorm:(Doesn't answer but a mark on his upper arm is seen like a lightning bolt, but it is a large scar)

Patricia: (notices the scar) Where did you get that scar? Did you fight somebody who is evil?

Darkstorm: Clan mark

Patricia: Oh ok then, just asking.

Darkstorm:(Sits down to meditate)

  • At Freedom HQ*

Jack & Patricia: (arrives inside)

Stream and Meline: (Arrive)

Jack: Hello? We're here.

Amy: Hey Jack

Jack: Hi Amy

Patricia: Hello Amy, how's it going?

Amy: Same old

Jack: Oh ok then. By the way, we have a new visitor that we've found in the park. Aparently, he's a very tall halfbreed & his name is "Darkstorm"


Patricia: Maybe you can come with us & we'll show you where he is.


Jack & Patricia: (leads Amy to Darkstorm)

Jack: Amy Rose, this is Darkstorm the Halfbreed.

he isn't there

Jack: Where'd he go?

Patricia: I don't know. Sorry Amy, Darkstorm just dissapeared.

Jack: We don't know where he is now. Amy, can you & your friends help us find Darkstorm the Halfbreed?

Darkstorm:*Drops in scaring them)


Jack & Patricia: AAAAAAAAAAH!

Jack: Hiya Darkstorm

Patricia: Amy Rose, this is Darkstorm the Halfbreed.

Amy:(Still Shaking)

Darkstorm:(Pleasure to make your aquantence

Meline: ...^^;

Darkstorm:(Smiles, but then Expression changes when a twig snaps)

Meline: Huh?


Meline: ??

Jack: Hey, what is that sound?

Patricia: Sounds like a twig snap.

Darkstorm:(Pulls out spear)

Jack: (pulls out his Orange Piko Piko Hammer with Black Stripes)

Patricia: (pulls out her Magic Wand) Let's be careful.

Darkstorm:(Mutters something)

Jack: Hm...?

Manic:(Walks into view)

Meline: (Notices Manic)

Manic: What the

Meline: !?

Manic: Whos the weirdo with the spear

Meline: (Growls) That weirdo is Darkstorm...

  • This is the first time they meet btw)

Jack: (waves hello to Manic) Hi Manic.

Patricia: (next to Amy)

Manic: Hey cous

Jack: How's Sonic & Sonia?

Manic: Same old freedom fighters

Jack: Yeah, anyways, this is our new friend Darkstorm the Halfbreed.

Darkstorm:(Sheaths his spear)

Jack: (to Manic) Manic, say hi to Darkstorm please?

Manic: Sup *Holds out hand*

Darkstorm:(Extends Wristblades and Goes into a defensive stance)

Manic: Whoa, chill out bro, its a hand sake

Darkstorm:??????, This is how I greet others *Puts a hand on Manic's shoulder and shakes it*

Manic:????? ok

Patricia: (her stomach gurgles) (giggles nervously) Sorry, I guess we can go for some lunch.


Jack: So where should we eat?

Darkstorm:(Really confused)

Patricia: What Jack means which location are we gonna have our lunch?

Darkstorm:*Walks in his hut and paces, on a new world and has not a clue*

Jack: Darkstorm? Are you ok?

Darkstorm:(Only 16 but markings stat that he is an adult) I am new here

Meline: .....

Darkstorm: Walks off)

Meline: Huh? Where are you going?

Darkstorm: Looks at her)

Meline: .... (Smiles a bit)

Patricia: (to Darkstorm) Oh ok then. Guess we didn't know that your new here on Planet Mobius.

Darkstorm: Heh

Jack: So, where should we eat our lunch? In a Resturant? In a Fast Food Resturant?

Darkstorm:(Puts on a hooded Cloak)

Patricia: Let's go get some lunch. I'm getting hungry.

Jack & Patricia: (goes to a resturant)

Darkstorm:(Runs to follow but does not enter)

Jack & Patricia: (enters inside the resturant & looks at the menu) Hmm...

Darkstorm:(Power jumps to the roof)

Jack: (to the cashier) 2 burger meals please?

Darkstorm:(Invisible and peeks through the window)

Cashier: (a green female rabbit) Okie dokie. (to the fry cook) I need 2 burger meals for the 2 customers, please?

Fry Cook: (a red male monkey) 2 burger meals coming right up (starts making two burger meals)

Darkstorm:(Claws scrape the glass but heads back up to the roof)

Fry Cook: (finishes making the order) Order up! (gives the Cashier 2 burger meals)

Cashier: Thank you. (to Jack & Patricia) Here's your meal, so since the burger meal costs 4 rings each & you two ordered 2 burger meals, so that'll be 8 rings in total.

Jack: (gives the Cashier 10 rings) You can keep the 2 Rings as a tip.
Darkstorm's New Roar

Darkstorm's New Roar

Play video for roar

Cashier: Thank you, kind gentleman & ma'am. (gives Jack & Patricia their 2 burger meals) Enjoy.

Patricia: Your welcome & thank you.

Jack & Patricia: (goes to a table, sits down on their chairs & starts eating their meals)

Darkstorm:(Lays back on the air vent, it burns him, he roars)

Jack: What was that?

Patricia: It sounds like Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:(Punches throught the roof and ceiling)

Jack & Patricia: WHOA!

Cashier: Oh my goodness.

Jack: Darkstorm, are you ok?


Patricia: Is something wrong?

Darkstorm:(Back steaming)

Patricia: Don't worry, maybe I can help. Hold still please. Chaos Heal (uses Chaos Heal to try & heal Darkstorm's back)


Jack: Did Chaos Heal work?

Patricia: Let's find out.

Darkstorm:(It didn't instead his ability kicks in)

Patricia: Oh my goodness!

Darkstorm: his skin reforms cell by cell and his bleeding stopped_

Jack: Wait, how did you do that?

Darkstorm: I am a Halfling

Jack: Cool !

Patricia: It's a good thing that your not hurt.


Jack: So uh, you wanna go to either my house or Patricia's house?

Meline: (Faceplams)

Darkstorm: No

Meline: ... (Yawns)


Jack: Oh ok then.

Patricia: Okie dokie Darkstorm.


Jack: So Darkstorm, what do you do for fun?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out his Dagger and sets it on the ground)

Jack: Wow, I wonder why your mostly quiet? Because your good at dramatic silence, I like that.

Darkstorm:(?????????, Dramatic silence?

Jack: (sighs) Oh boy.