This is the first time Darkstorm came to the Pridelands (Venom and Darkest only)


Ahadi: (Asleep with Uru)


Ahadi: (Awakes) Huh?

????:(Roars stop)

Uru: (Wakes) Hm?


Uru: (Confused)

????:(Has a young antelope in its jaws and walks off with its kill)

Uru: (Growls) Wait.

????:(wALKING OFF)

Uru: (Following him) I will not disturb you.

?????:(Turns and drops his kill) Persistent aren't you

Uru: I just want to talk..... who are you?

Darkstorm:(Walks in to the moonlight) Names Darkstorm miss?

Uru: (Smiles) I am Queen Uru.

Darkstorm:(Bows) I am royalty as well

Uru: ^^


Uru: (Purrs)

Darkstorm:(Tosses whats left of his kill, there is plenty of meat left on the carcass) Take it

Uru: (Smiles) Th-thanks... (Begins eating)

Darkstorm:(His scars show that he is a war hero)

Uru: (Notices the scar while eating)

One is seen going down the right side of his face to his shoulder, another on his arm in the shape of a lightning bolt and one on his forehead in the shape of a howling wolf

Uru: (In thoughts - "Interesting...")

Darkstorm:(Keeps a look out for other hunters)

Uru: Just wondering.... but do you have a child?

Darkstorm:(Yes *Smiles* I have a son *Reaches in his Bag and pulls ok his baby boy, Bakuu, still a kit/cub, incredably cute)

Uru: He's cute... ^^

Bakuu:(Jumps to the Ground and Walks to Uru)

Uru: (Smiles at Bakuu)

Bakuu:(Ear twitches)

Uru: ?

Darkstorm: *See's Ahadi approaching)

Ahadi: (Notices Darkstorm) ...?

Bakuu:(Hides behind his father)

Uru: ... (Nuzzles her mate) Ahadi... (Points her muzzle to Darkstorm and Bakuu) That's... Darkstorm and Bakuu.

Darkstorm: (Bows) It is an honor

Bakuu:(Slowly comes out)

Ahadi: (Smiles)

Bakuu:(Sneezes into one of his tails)

Uru: ... ^^

Darkstorm:(Picks up his Son and Extends wings) Where do you live

Uru: In the Pridelands...

Darkstorm: You two lead

(They do so)

Darkstorm:(Runs and Takes off flying)

(In the Pridelands)

Zuzu: (Notices Ahadi and Uru coming back, bows)

Darsktorm:(*Walks into view)


Uru: Oh... the hornbill's Zuzu... our majordomo.

Bakuu:(Extends his small wings and Glides down)

Uru: Hmmm....

Darkstorm:(Folds wings around him)

Bakuu:(Looks at Zuzu)

Zuzu: (Smiles) ^^;

Bakuu:(Goes back to his fathers Shoulder)

Darkstorm:(Stands outside the den for the night to sleep)

Uru: (Yawns)

Darkstorm:(Gets into a fearfull stance and turns to stone along with bakuu)

Uru: (Asleep)

Ahadi: (Stays awake)

  • Next morning*

Mufasa*Cub* Walks out and see's Darkstorm and he nearly screams

Ahadi: ?!

Darkstorm:(The Stone encasement falls off and he roars as he wakes)

Uru: (Awakes by the roar)


Bakuu:(Shakes off the remaining stone fregments on his fur)

Mufasa: Dad who are they?

Ahadi: ...Darkstorm and Bakuu. I suppose they're.... visitors.

Darkstorm: (Goes to hunt)

Zuzu: (In her nest, looking after her egg)

Darkstorm:(Sneaking on a Zebra herd)

Uru: ....

Darkstorm:(Targets the alpha and charges)

Uru: (Watches)

Darkstorm:(Takes out the Alpha male and cuts it open going for the liver)

Zuzu: Hm...


(Zuzu hears her egg starting to hatch)


(The tip of the chick's beak is seen poking out of the egg)

Darkstorm: Huh

Zuzu: (Waits for her egg to hatch)


Uru: ....

Darkstorm:(Feeding again and then notices the other lioness surrounding him) * Roars to scare them off*

Ahadi: (Yawns)

Darkstorm:(Defending his kill to no avail and is forced to relinquish it)

Ahadi: ....

Darkstorm:(Turns and then charges at the Lioness, Is tougher than he looks, Knocks one off the kill)

Uru: (Helps Darkstorm fighting the lionesses along with Ahadi)


Ahadi: (Pins one of the lionesses)


(Ahadi lets the lioness go, and it runs off)

Darkstorm:(See's Young Sarabi and Sarafina approaching, he gives out short warning growls)

Sarabi and Sarafina: (Ears lowered, cower)

Darkstorm:(Rips a slab of meat off, walks to them and drops it in front of them)

Sarabi: Th-thank you.... (She and Sarafina start to eat)

Darkstorm:(Walks off)

Ahadi: Hm....

Darkstorm:(Climbs a tree and rests)

Ahadi: (Walks back to the den)

Young bakuu:(Playing with Taka and Mufasa)

Taka: ^^

Young Bakuu:(Pinned)

Sarafina: (Done feeding, goes to see Taka)

Taka: Hey, Sarafina! ^^

Bakuu:(Runs and hides, Shy)

Sarafina: ?

Bakuu:(Peeks out)

Taka: Don't worry. She's Sarafina, my friend... ^^

Bakuu:(Walks out)

Sarafina: (Smiles)


Taka: ?

Bakuu:(Licks Sarafina's paw)

Sarafina: ?


Sarafina: (Purrs)


Sarabi: (Walks toward them) ??

Bakuu:(Looks and Ears Twitch)

Sarabi: Who is he?

Taka: Bakuu.


Sarabi: Ah. 


Sarabi: ???

Bakuu:(Yawns and rests)

Sarabi: ...

Darkstorm:(Walks into view) 

Sarabi: (Yawns)

Darkstorm:(Turns to his wolf form and rests)

Sarabi: (Sleeps)

Darkstorm:(Extends wings)

Sarafina: ???

Darkstorm:(Covers his Son)


Zuzu's egg starts to hatch more.

Bakuu:(Ears Twitch)

Zuzu: (watches after egg)

bakuu: Heh

Sarafina: ...(Yawns)


(A tan colored lioness cub walks into view)

Darkstorm: Hmmmm 

The Cub: (Eyes are red) ???

Darkstorm: Taka, whose your friend?

Taka: Oh, her? She's Zira...

Darkstorm:(Extends wing to give her shade)

Zira: ^^ Thank you...

Darkstorm: Heh

Zira: (Purrs)


End of episode

  • Next episode, War between prides*