This is when Zira's father and 7 other prides form an allience and attack the pride lands, out numbered Ahadi looks to Darkstorm to aid them.


Darkstorm: Playing his flute)

Zuzu: (Asleep)

Darkstorm: Zuzu

Zuzu: (Awakes) Hmmm..?

Darkstorm:(Extends arm for her to perch on)

Zuzu: Heh, thanks. (Flies to his arm and perches on it)

Darkstorm: Your hatchling, whats his name

Zuzu: .... Zazu... ^^

Darkstorm: Good name *Puts her on his shoulder and walks*

Ahadi: (Yawns, had just gotten up)

Darkstorm:*Extends wings*

Zuzu: (Smiles at Ahadi) Good morning, sire!

Ahadi: Morning, Zuzu....

Darkstorm:(Folds wings around himself)

Taka: (Walks out of the cave, yawns)

Darkstorm:(Goes hunting)

Sarafina: (Out on a morning stroll with her mother, sees Taka and stops) Hey, Taka!

Darkstorm:(Takes down an Antelope)

Sarabi: (Watches)


Mufasa (Almost a teen): (Play pounces on Sarabi, smirks)

Sarabi: !! Dammit, Muffy! (Calms down) .... (Licks Mufasa)

Darkstorm:(Smiles but then hears something)

Bakuu:(Mid Tweens, Tries to Pounce on his father)

Sarab; ^^

Bakuu:(On his back head under Sarabi's chin) Hey Sarabi, how's you and Mufasa

Sarabi: Oh, good... (Smiles)


Sarabi: ^^

Bakuu:(Gets up)

(Sarabi's mother roars to alert her that it's time to practice hunting, Sarabi leaves quickly.)

  • On the Hunting Grounds*

Another pride wanders

Zira's Father: (Notices them) ...?

There is no alpha male, only females after their king was slain

Zira's Father: (Sees that there is no male) .... (Tries to talk to the pride) Looking for a king....?

the alpha female: Yes

Zira's Father: (Smirks) I think you have one, now...

The Alpha: I'd rather die than be your queen

Zira's Father: (Growls) Well... fine. I'm not your mate but... I'm still the leader.

One of the Alpha's lioness: I will be your mate

Zira's Father: ...Okay.

She willfully submits)

Zira's Father: (Smirks)

She nuzzles)

Zira's Father: (Purrs and licks)

The female allows

(Back in the Pride Lands)


Mufasa: Hmmm.. 

Darkstorm:*Tail swishes)

Taka: (Notices Darkstorm's tails swishing, plays with it)

Bakuu:(Chatting with Sarafina*

Sarafina: ^^

Bakuu: So Sarafina, you hear about the new girl?

Sarafina: Oh, Zira? Yeah.

Bakuu: She's cute

Darkstorm: Behind them) Sounds like someone has a crush


Sarafina: (Giggles)

Darkstorm: (Grabs Bakuu and Gives him a Noogie)

Bakuu:(Awwww *Squirms and then power Kicks*

Darkstorm:(OOF *Falls over*

Sarafina: !!

Darkstorm:(Bring it son

Bakuu:(Speed attacks)


Taka: (Watches)


Darkstorm:(Pins Bakuu) Got ya

Mufasa: ...


Darkstorm:(Gets off and helps up his son)

A rift opens)

Zuzu: (Notices the rift, confused)

3 halflings drop in, 2 are feline 1 is a wolf

Mufasa: Huh?

Darkstorm:Looks at them)I know these 3

Zuzu: Who are they, exactly...?

Darkstorm: The 2 feline Halflings are Choko and Chaka, the wolf is Ralin

Zuzu: Ah...

Choko:(Stands on Two legs and groans)

Zuzu: (Tilts her head in confusion) ?

Chaka:(On four legs and Growls)

Ralin:(Stands on two and groans)

Zuzu: ...

Chaka: Opens Eyes and See's Darkstorm) RALK TORA *Kneels to darkstorm*

Choko and Ralin:(Bow)

Mufasa: Huh..?

Darkstorm: Long story

Ralin: My Lord there is another pride threatening war against this land

Taka: (Growls) ...

Darkstorm: We must be ready, CHoko, chaka, scout ahead, Ralin go with them

Zuzu: (Goes to alert Ahadi)

Darkstorm: Taka, Mufasa  come with me

Taka and Mufasa obey.

Darkstorm:(Goes to Rafiki's tree) Rafiki

Rafiki: (Turns around) ?

Darkstorm: We have a situatuon

Rafiki: ...

Darkstorm: There is another pride massing an army against us

Rafiki: Hmmm....

Darkstorm: We will need some help from the forces of nature to return my dragonic abilities, Will you help?

He nods.

Darkstorm kneels


Darkstorm:*On the Battle feild with the Pridelanders_

(Zira's Father arrives with his new allies)

The Enemy Lioness roar

Darkstorm:*Extends Wings* Ahadi upon you orders we attack

Ahadi: ...Attack.


(The Pridelanders attack)

the enemy attacks

(An enemy lioness tries to bite into Ahadi's neck)

Darkstorm:(Roars and Fire comes out his mouth)

The enemy lioness runs.

Zira's Father: Get back here you coward

Darkstorm: Bad move

Ahadi: ...

Zira's Father: Females are weak, I shall kill your top warrior (Attacks)

Ahadi: (Roars)

Darkstorm:(Defends Ahadi and Roars) The Pridelands shall stand strong

(The attack then continues)

 *Now have the females join the pride landers after what they heard*

(The females growl at Zira's Father, and start to join the Pridelanders)

Zira's Father: What, you cowards get back here

(Soon, all of them join the Pridelanders) 

Darkstorm: You lost, give it up

Zira's Father: See's Zira and smiles) No, never *Charges at her to attack*

Darkstorm:(Defend and pushes him off a clif and falls as well)

Ahadi: (Shocked, runs towards the cliff they fell of, looks down) No...

Darkstorm: (Hanging there Claws in the side of the cliff and he laughs) And you all thought I was easily killed

Ahadi: .... (Smiles)

Darkstorm:(Climbs up)

Ahadi: (Offers help)


Ahadi: (Helps him up)

darkstorm: Thanks *Tosses fire balls to illuminate the cerevace only to see's Zira's Father dead, an expression of anger and hate*

Young Zira: (Approaches them) ?

Darkstorm:(Pets her) He can no longer harm you

Zira: O...Okay....

Darkstorm:*Hmm, Lets leave this place

Ahadi: (Nodds)

(end of ep)

(Next Ep Mufasa's Reign)