Darkstorm has been King of Apocalia for the longest time and the universe that he knew continues to surprise him on his new adventure. He was on a diplomatic mission to the Raptoran Homeworld when the storm outside the palace gets worse confusing the rift sending him to a universe unknown to him. Welcome to the Multiverse.

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Recap Edit

Last Time on Darkstorm Multiversal I wondered through the rift believing it would take me home to where I wanted to go but I guess the powers at play had other Ideas and I ended up here in the land of Equestria meeting some rather friendly beings, which was new to me. Now I have been invited by the standing rulers of this world to have a sit-down and meal with them my only hope is that they understand that trust is a double-edged sword. THere is nothing more dangerous than an Apocalian with a broken trust.

Transcript Edit

Darkstorm:(Getting ready to meet the princesses putting his long dark hair into a ponytail before putting his crown on)

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Ed Wreck, Double G & Eddy Green: (waiting at the Train Station with Twilight Sparkle)

Darkstorm:(Smokes in wearing Royal Attire)

Double G: Welcome Darkstorm.

Rarity: And Oh my... you must be fully clothed with royal attire. It is very fitting for your trip to Canterlot for dinner.

Darkstorm: Peace talks are a must, I may be a king of War Race but even we must make peace.

Twilight: You're a King?

Darkstorm: Technically the term is Drak'Vorkata but it also Translates to Dark Lord

Rainbow Dash: Alright then. Whatever that meant.

Double G: Excuse us & apologies for asking, but what do you mean by both "War Race" & Dark Lord?

Darkstorm: I am the king of a race of beings who live for war, fighters, warriors. The term "Drak'Vorkata" is their king who rules the entire world but it also translates to Dark Lord. Its a long story involving my family.

Twilight: Aren't Dark Lord's evil, I mean your so nice.

Darkstorm: Its a common mistake because of the term.

Eddy Green: Ok, sorry. Sometimes titles can be a bit misleading, you know. You are actually a very nice guy.

Fluttershy: A very nice show of kindness indeed.

Twilight: One more thing, whats with the sword?