The Demon Snake Bomb is the most powerful known ability used by the Nine Demon Snakes and their carriers as it entails using nearly every ounce of power that the user has at the time. Therefore, the longer a battle goes on and the more exhausted the user becomes, the weaker the Demon Snake Bomb will be.

When using the Demon Snake Bomb, the user must draw as much of their power as they can bear out of their body in the form of hundreds of tiny spheres of raw, liquid energy. The user then brings the spheres into one place in front of them, merging them into one much larger sphere. The resulting sphere, the size of which varies from person to person, is then condensed into a smaller sphere about twice the size of one of the originals. Naturally, this much raw power condensed into such a small space makes it incredibly volitile, so the user must be very careful not to let anyone interrupt them at this stage of the charging process. [1]A completed Demon Snake Bomb being firedAdded by ZeroPathAfter condensing the Bomb, the user then swallows it with their main head, while using the other(s) (not applicable for the one-headed snake or her carrier) to generate a field of energy in front of their main head. The user then opens their main head's mouth, firing the finished Demon Snake Bomb out at the opponnent. As the Bomb flies, it passes through the energy field created by the other head(s), giving it an extra boost of power. Upon striking a solid object, the Demon Snake Bomb immediately explodes from the sheer inability to retain its small size. This sudden release causes the energies in the Bomb to expand outward in a massive explosion usually powerful enough to leave large craters in the ground.