Part 2 of NICOLE meeting Darkstorm


(In Freedom HQ)

Jack & Patricia: (cleaning & tidying up the place)

Jack: I don't know why, but I'm in the mood for barbeque, aren't you?

Patricia: Some cooked meat will be delicious.

(A rift opens)

Jack: Say, someone's here.

Patricia: Looks like Darkstorm & Josh have returned.

Josh: Not only me and Dark. My fellow Ancient Leaders have arrived as well.

Thomas, Jetris, Louie, Arthur, and Jameskie: (they arrive)

Darkstorm: Heh

Josh: Heh?

Thomas: Even as Josh's bestfriend, I still doubt that this Halfling he has befriended is friendly to the other Ancients...

Jetris: Long time no see, Jack and Patricia.

Arthur: It's been a while, you two.

Darkstorm: So Josh shall I buy you and the others a drink

Josh: Sure, why not?

Thomas: Yep... Although I'm in doubt yet... I need a confirmation.

Jameskie: Cool.

Louie: Mm-hm.

Arthur: Thank you, but I'll pass. I'm kind of satisfied for now.

Jetris: Well, why should I refuse? It's a nice intention.


Jack: Patricia & I we're thinking about having barbeque to eat.

Darkstorm: Barbeque?

Patricia: Having cooked meat to eat.

Darkstorm: ???????

Jack: Should we show you the demonstration?

Darkstorm: I never heard of barbeques

Jack: Oh.

Darkstorm:(Leaves to get drinks)

SPARKY: (arrives as her holographic form) Greetings.

Achrillis: Hello

Josh: And who's that construct?

Jack: (smiles)

Achrillis: I am Achrillis, Darkstorm's Artificial Intelegence

Josh: Nice to meet you, Achrillis.

Meline: (had just entered the room, she just turned twelve a few days ago) Um... sup.

Patricia: Greetings Achrillis.

SPARKY: Indeed. My name is SPARKY, Patricia's Artificial Intelligence.

Meline: (facepalms)

Achrillis: I believe Meline had turned twelve?

Meline: Yeah... a couple of days ago. But I've been having these weird dreams since then...

Achrillis Maybe Darkstorm could help

Meline: I suppose...

Jack: Alright then. So what are we gonna do until then?

Patricia: Maybe we can go to the park & do some exercise.

Darkstorm: Returns with lots of Cola)

Meline: hmmmm...

Darkstorm: hey there

Josh: H-Hey. That's a load of soda there. (gulps)

Darkstorm: (Chuckles) sorry

Meline: Uh... okay?

Darkstorm:(Hey Meline

Meline: Hey. So, have you contacted my relatives, yet?

Darkstorm: Not yet

Meline: ("Gee... must have trouble)

Jack: Let's drink. (drinks a can of soda) Mmmm. Yummy & Fizzy.

Darkstorm:("I do not know their contacts Meline")

Meline: (Wait... how can you... read my thoughts?")

Darkstorm:("Dark magic")

Meline: ("Oh.. cool.").


Meline: (annoyed) ("What?")

Darkstorm:("Its ok if you like hearing everyones thoughts)

Jack: (was a bit confused)

Patricia: (drinks a can of soda through a straw)

Josh: (sighs) ...'

Darkstorm:(Extends wings Yawning)

Meline: Well... what now?

Darkstorm: just tired

Josh: (drinks a can of soda) Memories..

Thomas: Hey, BTW! Jack & Patricia, can I help you cook the barbecue? I'm glad to help and I am going to demonstrate a new recipe that is STILL barbecue, but with a brand new style and flavor.

Darkstorm: (Still confused)

Jetris: Don't worry, Dark, you will know the taste of barbecue today.

Thomas: (to himself) ._.

Josh: Oh hey, that's a great idea, Thomas. I'ma looking forward to that awesome barbecue style.

Thomas: The barbecue thing...? Hey, t-thanks dude. Hehe.

Louie: Me too, I'm in!

Arthur: ...


Jack: Alright, let's do it.

Patricia: SPARKY, would you like to join us?

SPARKY: Sure, but do you think I should check on NICOLE, just in case?

Achrillis: NICOLE is a basic AI construct, I think she is fine

SPARKY: Ok, if your sure, then it would be a relief.

Jack: SPARKY tends to be very friendly with other AI Constructs than usual. Because she is very excited about other AI Constructs.

Josh: The obvious reason is she's an AI Construct, too.

Jetris: You have a point with that logic. But she's very friendly than usual.

Achrillis: I am a more Serious AI Construct

Louie: Ohh, a contrary to SPARKY. 

Thomas: Yeah.

Josh: Hm... Wait, I take back what I said. ...Isn't she an AI Construct, too? (sighs)

Jack: Yes. She likes to meet & greet her own kind.

SPARKY: Would you like me to help you with the barbeque too?

Jack: Sure thing.

SPARKY: Thank you. (helps Jack & Patricia cook the hot dogs perfectly)

Meline: (sighs)

Darkstorm: hmmmm

Jetris: Eh..

Louie: Uh, y'know what? I query this "A.I. with Emotions" stuff. I didn't see any A.I. having emotions. Is she programmed to have those emotions?

Josh: Hm, I think so. You can ask Patricia 'bout that. Another thing that intrigues me, that--

A hedgedragon flies in, shouting "Hey guys!", as he sees the others. He then stopped flying and landed on the ground.

Josh: R-Rey?! Shocked to see you in this place, bro! Where have you been?

Rey: Strolling around, dude. I was about to come with you to celebrate.

Josh: Celebrate what? I didn't say that...

SPARKY: (waves hello) Hi Rey.

Rey: Hi SPARKY. 

Louie: Nice to see ya, Rey. 

Thomas: Howdy, Rey.

Arthur: Good to see you again, Rey.

Jetris: Yo, Rey.

Rey: H-Hey guys. Nice to meet ya again. (bows)

Darkstorm:(Gets up) A hybrid

Rey: Yeah, and that's who you're talking to, Rey the Hedgedragon. I'm an Ancient from AD and I belong to the Draconian species.

Darkstorm:(Puts a clawed hand on Rey's shoulder)

Rey: What?

Thomas: Uhh... Dude, proceed with extreme caution.

Josh: Thomas, set the references aside.

Thomas: What reference? Didn't use one. (his eyes become keen for a moment)

Josh: Alright then..

Darkstorm: A brother Halfling, but not of Apocalian blood, my people are spreading (Something Klicks in his head) Your not Apocalian blood right, gotta be sure

Rey: Me, a Halfling? Nope. Halflings ARE Apocalians, not us Ancients that are hybrids. And to remind you, I'm a Draconian.

Darkstorm:(Chuckles) All Apocalians are Halflings, but not all Halflings are Apocalian.

Jack & Patricia: (holds out 2 plates of hot dogs & places them on top of a table)

Jack: Who's hungry?

Darkstorm:(Picks one up and sniffs)

Thomas: Me too, guys, but I'm going to grill first. (goes to the grill) Hmm... (brings out a box filled with beef cubes, bundle of BBQ sticks, box of sliced fruits, and a jar filled with black pepper and a brush knotted beside) Here goes. (skewers the beef cubes and sliced fruits and brushes them with black pepper) Nice. (grills the BBQ)

Darkstorm:(About to sneeze)

Josh: Uh, Dark, you okay? You need to cover your mouth and nose! (hands him a folded piece of 2-ply tissue paper)

He sneezes into his wing)

Josh: .......Oh. Okay. (keeps the tissue paper)

Darkstorm:(Growls, his throat glows to show on coming fire) GET DOWN!!!!

Josh: Everyone, duck! (ducks)

Thomas: Dang it! (ducks)

Darkstorm:(Breathes black flames)

Jetris: (ducks) That was close.

Louie: Whoa! (steps back) Black flames!

Arthur: (teleports to Louie) It seems you cannot absorb those kind of flames.

Louie: Yeah, it's full of darkness.  

Darkstorm: sorry

Louie: That's okay. It happens, bro.

Meline: ...

Darkstorm:(Sits next to Meline)

Meline: (walks away)


Meline: ... (facepalms)

Darkstorm: Whats wrong

Jack & Patricia: (steps back)

SPARKY: (goes up to Rey)

Meline: ...

Josh: Guys. What's with him that made you step back away? 

Rey: SPARKY, fear not. 

Louie: Darkstorm? Yep, I understand, dude. I guess it was my fault for saying that your flames were full of darkness. Well, I meant literally, not symbolically.

Darkstorm: I am a dark type, I take no offense to it

Jack: That's alright. Any ideas on what to do today?

Darkstorm: Hunting?

Thomas: Aren't we going to eat the BBQ and the hotdogs? Hey, BTW, BBQ's ready. (puts the BBQ on a large plate and places the plate gently on the table, along with the BBQ sauce and the hotdogs) Bon appetit, everyone!

Darkstorm:(Sniffs the hotdogs)

Meline: (blushes in embarrassment) "Uh... sorry, I'm a vegan. I'll just make myself a fruit salad, if you don't mind..."

Patricia: It's ok to be a vegan, Meline.

Meline: (giggles) "I know, but always being surrounded by meat-eaters, occasionally I just don't feel like I fit in with the rest." (shrugs) "Anyway..." (grabs a variety of fruits, cutting them up)

Jack: Let's dig in. I'm starving. (starts eating the hot dog)

Patricia: Okie dokie. (places a bowl of fresh blueberries on the table)

Darkstorm:(Eats the hot dog)

Meline: (giggles) "So anyway..." (a large explosion is heard; she is knocked to the ground) "D-damn it... guys, I think it's another attack from Eggman!"

Jack: Man, he just never give up, does he?

Patricia: I believe this is the good time to stop him. Ready, SPARKY?

SPARKY: Yes, I am ready.

Darkstorm: Eggman, who is he?

Meline: "He's an evil scientist bent on conquering Mobius... we set out to stop him."

Darkstorm:(Extends his wrist blades)

Meline: (grabs her crossbow)

Darkstorm:(Remembers his lessons) Learn your enemy before attacking blindly

Badniks soon break in; Meline spindashes at one.


Dr. Robotnik: (walks into the base calmly) "Hohoho, look at what we have here..."

Meline: (growls) "Eggman..."

Dr. Robotnik: (sighs) "Oh, shut up. You know my name is Dr. Ivo Robotnik. But anyway..."

(his EggMech unloads multiple missles aiming at Sonic)

Jack: Not so fast Eggman!

Patricia: We're not letting you get away with this.

SPARKY: We have you outnumbered. Surrender or we will do this the hard way.

Dr. Robotnik: (scoffs) "Oh really?" (he sends in multitudes of Badniks in)

Darkstorm:(Arm charges up and fires Purple volts of lightning at Robotnik)

He is hit and knocked out of his EggMech, leaving him vulnerable.

Darkstorm:(Grabs Eggmans throat, eyes glowing)

(Suddendly a Jack 4 Bot comes by & punches at Darkstorm's face, trying to make him let go of Eggman)

Meline: (attacks it, growling)

Dark spits up blood

Darkstorm: Bad move (Looks at Eggman) Hey fat man the next time you plan to attack (Rips the head off) Make sure your man enough to come yourself

Jack-4 Bot: (got it's head ripped off)

Dr. EggPlankton: (appears in his Egg Pod) That's Dr. EggPlankton, get it right mister!

Jack: Dr. EggPlankton!

Dr. EggPlankton: Your right & who are you? (Points to Darkstorm)

Josh: ... I don't think I remember you with that memory of yours. Who ARE you and what are you doing here, you accursed protistic creature? (points at Dr. EggPlankton)

Darkstorm:(Picks up his combi-stick, the blades extend ) Best start getting out of here otherwise I will make sure I do not miss, and trust me, I never miss when it came down to throwing spears

Meline: (cracks her knuckles) "You guys want your eggs boiled or scrambled...?"

Darkstorm:(Whispers to Meline) Bad pun

Meline: (glares at him) "Hey, it's my first attempt..." (roundhouses a bot, destroying it)

Darkstorm:(Sonic Roars)

(most of the bots are fully destroyed; Eggman proceeds to retreat)

Darkstorm: (Roars and extends his wings to its full length)

Eggman: (glares at the Freedom Fighters) "I'll be back, you primitive dogs..."

(exit Eggman)

Darsktorm: If the Light does not claim you then the Darkness will devour your soul

Dr. EggPlankton: (is scanning Darkstorm & isintrigued about Darkstorm's capabilities & powers) Hmmm... Maybe he can be useful after all... The next time I meet these heroes. It's about time I use this monster to my advantage. (Leaves in the Chum Pod)

(End of episode)

Next Time on Darkstorm Muliversal:

The Darkness shall rise from its grave and our hero's must stop it from claiming Darktorm's soul