"I am the true Darkstorm, I will kill all in my way."

                                        -   Vorkata Everburn

Born in a military science facility in Africa, he is a clone of Darkstorm with an evil twist. He had escaped and killed the civilians that worked there.

Looks/ Personal storyEdit

Canon Edit

Everburn is near the age of seventeen, and instead of black hair, he has firey orange hair with red tips. Little is known of this artificial Apocalian; all we do know is that he plans to exterminate Darkstorm-Actu-Sin and then humanity will follow, bringing about the burning of the world.

Fanon Edit

Everburn is near the age of seventeen, and instead of black hair, he has blood red hair and yellow-green eyes. He sticks mainly to his animalistic form as a lion, since for the rest of his life he will live with them. He can also attain a humanoid form like his source and since his future mate is a wolf, he can turn into a humanoid wolf. His entire right side of his face is a skull due to Nala slashing his face with her claws during to battle between the Outlanders and Pridelanders after which he had tried to kill Kiara. Everburn will not hesitate to kill anyone that poses as a threat to his rule, he isn't one to give second chances and he will be a danger to anyone that will try to take him down. He and Darkstorm are alike, it's just that Everburn has a full acceptyance of his demonic side, sod whenever he and Darkstorm cross pathes he will find ways to kill Darkstorm.

Interactions with other villiansEdit

Everburn has been know to fight along side other villians for his master and mistress, even after their demise. But when he gets what he wants he simply "gets rid of the competition" to his power. he shows no mercy towards others.

Personal curseEdit

Everburn was cursed by a witch after burning her family with his powers, for every child born under the Blood Moon he
is to try obtain its life source to break his "chains" or face 30 years in a stone encasement to break his curse. After he was cursed his has killed many witches who had refused to remove his curse.



The Foot Elite - TMNT Background Music

The Foot Elite - TMNT Background Music

When he is chasing someone or fighting

TMNT 2003 Shredder theme

TMNT 2003 Shredder theme