Freddy krueger theme music lyrics

Freddy krueger theme music lyrics

Freddy is known as the "Mobius Slasher".


Freddy was once a proud worker in Acorn Palace, but being the least respected worker among his peirs has really gotten on his nerves. After being fired for an alledged physical harrassment charge he took on the job as a gardener at a preschool. He had a lot of Cool off time and he cooled off fast. Days later his bills gone through the roof then he lost it again he slept at the school and then everything went down hill.

Signature Weapon and Attack StyleEdit

Mainly liek the Freddy Kreuger we all know, he uses a bladed Glove he made himself, but aside from the glove he also has his regular claws he uses at times. His Attack style is mainly Slash and run, like some predators. He only is mortal outside of the dream world, but in it, your in danger.