Gardio Olukmai is a jaguar native to a relatively remote jungle. He is the husband to Lily Pardal.


Gardio is a orange furred anthropomorphic jaguar with black rosette spots and white markings around his eyes, face, belly, toes, and tail tip. He has a dark pink nose and very light yellow teeth. He has the typical face of and jaguar. His body is quite musuclar and fit, due to hunting and constantly jumping from tree to tree. He is slightly taller than the average jaguar.


Gardio does not wear that much clothing. Most of what he wears is made from animal skins, though some of it is made from grass or leaves. He wears an animal skin loincloth, leather wrappings around his arms and legs, and a tooth necklace, with the loop being made from grass. Otherwise, the rest of him is bare, unless he is fighting or in a serious hunt.



Early LifeEdit

As a young cub, Gardio seemed to be living a relatively peaceful and happy life. However, all of this soon changed when raiders found his isolated home. They sought to take the natives' supplies, and they did. The raiders pillaged, raped, and murdered the Olukmai tribe. However, the raiders forgot one cub, and left with the stolen items. Gardio was traumatized by this incident, now alone with no caregiver whatsoever. However, his parents had taught him to hunt and fend for himself, so Gardio managed to get by. The jaguar lived his live alone for years, until one day an outsider showed up.