Keera Vampiro was a twin tailed sabre cat, daughter of a vampire tribe leader in the Bonelands of Apocalia.


Keera was a cream colored sabre cat with shoulder length straight blonde hair, and blood red eyes. Her nose was colored black, and she had black markings on her face, tail tips, hands, and legs. She had large almond shaped eyes, and a slender neck.



Keera was not the type of sabre cat you wished to insult to her face; she was a very serious feline, and would not hesitate to rip and tear someone apart if given the chance to do so. Other than that, she was a very sweet girl, after meeting Darkstorm and learning some restraint.


As a child, Keera had to learn the hard way of living; fighting to survive and taking advantage of enemy weaknesses. Her life was fine up until the Jen'Tchu War, where former Prince Dromeo Barator led his armies through the Bonelands, taking Keera's ancestral home away from her and her tribe.

Later on, she fought to drive the invaders out of her home, until the day she met Darkstorm. Thinking that he was a Black Claw spy, she attacked him, unleashing the beast within. After he cleared things up with the vampiric sabre cat, they formed an alliance to take down Dromeo and free her land. But the effort was in vain; during the battle Keera saw her family and kin get slaughtered, making her the last of her tribe.

After the destruction of the Castle of Bones and Dromeo's escape, Keera joined Darkstorm in the City of Unity, and became Captain of the Guard, training future guards and teaching them everything she knew.

Over time, Darkstorm and Keera developed deep feelings for one another, and after an incident that got her pregnant with his child, she became the new Drak'Viruni of Apocalia.