Krilot Barator is the First Drak'Vorkata to ever take the throne, and being a full Dragon, a Wyvern to be specific, that wasn't easy to attain. For him being Drak'Vorkata was a high honor and he had to live up to his father, Asagul's, expectations to be a true leader.

Krilot's position meant he had to keep each tribe in check as well as a close watch on the cast out daemon's. His first few days as the Drak'Vorkata went smoothly until a colony ship appears from an unstable rift. The ship was loaded with colonists from England looking to settle in the "New World." The ships name was the "Excursion" and life was going to change for the new leader.

The human's settlements were poor and they were starting to get sick, one-day Krilot was visited by a Colonist Women coming to beg him for a solution to their problems, his solution was to teach them all he could.

His success was not unnoticed as each creature also lent a helping paw and claw in any way possible.

Offspring Edit

Krilot was approached by the same Colonist woman who had come alone and unmarried. as a thank you to him for his help she offered herself to him. But it raised a big question, how would have children.

Through a long search and helpf from his father, Krilot used a method known as "Magical Impregnation" which was only used for dire emergancies.