Nightfeather is the son of King Sombra and Princess Luna of Equestria.

Creation and "Birth"Edit

King Sombra's Life span was shrinking fast and he had no heir to his throne, so in order for him to obtain slight immortality he hired the greatest bioengineers in the multiverse and with his and Luna's DNA the bioengineers made a child worthy to rule the world under an iron fist (Hoof), but after the child's birth Sombra tried to be the greatest father he can but when the young Nightfeather asked where his mother was King Sombra decided to send his new army/cult, called the Black Dragons, to go get Princess Luna away the Watchfull eyes of her sister and her guards. When Luna was brought to Sombra's new castle she woke to a young colt at her side, and when she saw the resemblence she tried to escape with the young Nightfeather but their exit was blocked by Sombra's loyal Soldiers. For weeks Luna was stuck with raising Nightfeather with a Tyrant, but she was later saved by the mane 6, ed Trio and Darkstorm with a few of his elite guard. After Sombra's destruction Luna decided to take in Nightfeather and raise him, after all he is her son even if he wasn't born through her. Over the years Nightfeather was raised in the palace and he had access to whatever books were there but when he wanted to visit the library he was escorted by either a Guard or one of the Mane 6 so he could get there with out being judged by the people of Ponyville or Canterlot, but it is when he was alone with his mind is enthrolled in a book he meets a girl, (Name unreleased, two different releationship continuities), embarrassed he quickly puts the book away and heads to a guard to take him home.

Friends and Family (Anyone Can edit)Edit

  • Princess Luna (Mother)
  • Princess Celestia (Aunt)
  • Darkstorm (Actu-sin) the Halfbreed (Friend)
  • King Sombra (Father)
  • Angry Ogun (Grandfather)
  • Nyx (close friend in the TwilightXNightfeather continuity)
  • Prince Blue Blood (Cousin)
  • Rarity (Family friend/Teacher in common manners)


  • Demonic Howl
  • Dark Magic
  • Venomous bite
  • Smokeporting (Inprogress) 

Forms Edit

  • Dark Nightfeather
  • Insanity Nightfeather
  • Human Nightfeather (Equestria Girls only)
  • Pony form (Basic)
  • Blood Moon (Nightmare Form)
  • Harmoney Nightfeather

Venom Continuity RelationshipEdit

(Only Venom and Darkest can edit this)

Foals in RelationshipEdit

Moonspade (Girl), Night Sparkle (Girl), and Solar Feather (Boy)

Spongebob 100 Continuity RelationshipEdit

(Only Sponge and Darkest can edit)

Foals in relationshipEdit

Twilight Eclipse (Boy) and Feather Sparkle (Girl)


  • Dark Blue fur
  • Black mane with Grey highlights (Spiked)
  • Alicorn wings (Feathered and bat combo)
  • Azure Eyes (Normal color)
  • Blood red eyes and slit pupils (Night form)
  • streight horn
  • Black fur on the tail
  • Fangs
  • Cutie mark: White feather infront of a quartermoon