Look of the PlanetEdit

Planet Raptora is a tropical planet due to it's dense rainforest and rocky mountains, fresh water is plentiful along with beautiful beaches. Though its outter look is deseiving on the planets surface it is a constant war to survive and keep peace with sudden and sharp earthquakes every few years ( 6-7 possible a decade if lucky). Though the land ships it keeps together and the planets volcanic activity is minimal so if it were to be made into a tropical resort it is ideal (This has happened about twice but no one bothers now due to the fact of possible attacks by the Raptoran families).

Indigenous Species Edit

The people that live their mainly are the Raptorans, Humanoid like Velociraptors, divided into four families, the Utahnans, The Feathers, the Black Claws and the Torjandans. There is a few other species like the Tarbosaurans, the Allosarda's and the Dilo's but all are a carniverous race of warriors. The Main Feather raptoran family is White Tips family, being the Royal family of all Raptora, she and her family command the most respect. The planets indigenous herbavor species is at a normal population of Protonauts, Sauran's and Trilo's, they also provide almost half the planets Population, the abundance of prey would also mean alot of predators, but it is difficult to hatch younglings because of the high mortallity rate due to earthquakes every few years.

Encounters with Apocalians, Humans and MobiansEdit

Human encounters are quite few because the planet is quite uncharted in the Eagle quadrent of space, but when ever there is an encounter they are made quite welcome but any amount of violence is delt with by death. Apocalian visits are a little more common due to the great allience between Darkstorm and White Tip, their encounter has cause predator population to double due to mating seasons occure in the same time of year. Mobian encounters are not as common due to very little trust towards each other, the Great War on Mobius between the Dark Powers and Light Allience (Zero's Continuity) have caused a great distrust the two planets.

Powers or abilitysEdit

Besides the Raptorans Speed and Quick wit the other indigenous species of Raptora inherent brute strength, and other abilities. They also can use the power of nature to their advantage to either hunt or escape enemies.

They can also use the Gems of Power *Sol Emeralds, Apocalypse Emeralds, Chaos emeralds, Ect.) to go super.

The People of Raptora have two forms, they can go Dinosauran or to humanoid form at pure will. Some choose to stay a beast and their thirst for power makes them want to destroy everything in their path. 

Judicial systemEdit

Their Justice system is somewhat primitive, they do vote on wheather or noth the accused is executed or banished from Raptora.