After the Demise of Metal Beak the Tytoes have fled into Typho the Black Hawks Territory. Surrounded and out manuvered the Tytoes allied with the Black order. Now they plan to Assault Gahool. When word spreads to Gahool, it is up to Soren and the others yet again to help protect them and they also must train the new generation. Will Gahool stay protected or will the Black Order Burn it to the ground?


Owls of GahoolEdit












Members of the TytoesEdit


Kludd (If this is based off the movie)

Lavera (Ven, younger sister of Rednodh)

Notch (Ven, Rednodh's slightly older cousin)

Cadel (Ven, former hero, but was moon blinked when he was brought to the Black Order Forest)

Tyto Soilders

Members of the Black OrderEdit

  • Typho the Black Hawk (Leader)
  • Alvera the Black Hawk
  • Jalik the Black Hawk
  • Shav the Black Hawk
  • Taltik the Black Hawk
  • Helvik the Black Hawk
  • Tarik the Black Hawk


In the Black Order ForestEdit

A Hawk Torrments Nyra(

Nyra: ...?

Shav: We hear of Metal Beaks demise, Typho is not pleased

Kludd (Found by Nyra): My brother killed him...

Tarik:(Smacks Kludd) You shall speak when spoken too

Typho:(Flies in and slashes off Tarik's talons) Be gone

Tarik:( Flies off)

Typho: Lifts Kludd) you are the proud  prince of Metal Beak?

Kludd: (Nodds) Yes....

Typho: And I see he left you his brod of a queen (Laughs)

his soldiers laugh

Kludd: Heh...

a female Black Hawk flies down

Kludd: ...??

Typho: I see you meet my daughter Alvera

Kludd: Yes...

Alvera:*See's Nyra* Nyra, I am sorry for your loss

Nyra: ....Yes...

Typho: My daughter has "the gift"

Nyra: Hmm...

Alvera: Nyra, I foresee a son for you and kludd in your future

Nyra: (Suprised)

Typho:(Pulls out an armory of Battle Claws)

The Gahool TreeEdit

Digger:(Acting silly)

Soren: Heh... ^^;


Gylfie: (Sighs)

Digger:Gylfie you ok?

Gylfie: Yes... ^^


Digger:(Kicks Twilight Instrument)

Twilight: (Glares at Digger) Hey!

Digger:(Innocent act) What?

Twilight: ....Nevermind.

Screeches are heard

Soren: ...Huh..?

hundreds of bats fly away scared out of their minds

Soren: ....N-no....

One falls and begins to beg for sancutary

Digger: This is Strange, don't bats hate owls?

Glyfie: ...Huh...?

The bat begging is a girl and she kisses Sorens talons

Soren: (Confused)


the bat rushes to hide

Gylfie: ....?

Two Black Hawks land

(A snowy owl flies nearby holding a torch in her talons)

The first Slashes the Torch

the second pins the Owl

The owl: (Glares) I am one of the Tytoes.

The Third:(Helps the Tyto up and Tosses the torch in  the armory)

Lavera (The owl): (Flies to the nusery and captures an owlet)

Soren: (Screeches and attacks Lavera)

Lavera: (A streak of blood drops from her left wing, but escapes with the owlet in her talons)

The Two other hawks flee

the third:(Fights Soren)

Soren: (Claws the third hawk)

The Third:(Its guts spill and it dies)

(The rest of the owls fly off with the owlets in their talons)

Soren: (Finally flies off)

Digger:(Finds Twilights Instrument and tries to lift it) HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY

Back in the Black Order ForestEdit

Typho:(Screeches angrily)

Lavera: (Returns with the kiddnapped barn owlet)

Typho:(Looks at the Owlet)

The Owlet: (Shivers)

Lavera: Shall we have him moon blinked? He's from the Ga'Hoole Tree, and his name is Cadel.

Typho:(Smiles) OPEN THE ROOF

The black hawks open the roof to the full moon

Cadel: (Slowy lifts his head up to the moon and sleeps)

Typho:(Heh heh heh, he is yours Nyra

Nyra: (Smirks)


Lavera: (Flies to a branch outside and sleeps)

Shav:(Yanks out one of Lavera's tail feathers)

Lavera: (Awakes and glares)

Shav:(Pins her)

(A male snowy owl  [A tyto] attacks Shav)

Notch (The owl): My cousin means no harm... she likes to be left alone while asleep.

Shav:(Hits Notch in the gut and goes to flirt with Lavera)

Lavera: (Blushes)

Shav:(Licks her Cheek)

Lavera: ^^ (Preens him with affection)

Shav:(heh (Licks more)

Lavera: ^-^

Shav:(Flies off)

Lavera: (Smiles and rests)

(The next day)

Cadel: (Awakes, fully moon blinked)

Typho: Asleep)

Nyra: (Already awake, glances at the moon blinked Cadel) Well, young one. I see you have awaken.... (Smirks)


Cadel: (Silent, his eyes grayish and have a blank expression)


Nyra: ...I will decide on what I will do with him.

Alvera: I am just uneasy

Nyra: .....Okay.

Future Cadel. (Has red eyes instead of the yellow eyes he had as an owlet)


Nyra: (Decides that Cadel will be trained to become a Tyto soldier when he's older)

Typho:(Gets his Battle Claws on)

Cadel: (His eyes strangley turn to red, now apart of the Tytoes)


Nyra: (Smirks)

Alvera:(At her perch)

Cadel: (Awaits for his training)

Alvera:(Attacks First)

Cadel: (Tries to claw)

Alvera:(Pins Cadel) Your dead *Gets up*

Cadel: (Smirks)

Alvera: Try again *Strikes*

Cadel: (Tries to attack again)


Cadel: Hmph. (Attempts to slash)

Alvera:Grabs and Has talon to his Throat) Dead

Cadel: Wha...

Alvera:(Her talon tip is over an important artery)

Cadel: (Silent, but attempts to squirm to escape)


Cadel: (Squirms out of the grip finally)

Alvera: Again

Cadel: (Does so)


Cadel: (Clawing, but gets tired from the training)

Alvera:(Gets pinned)

Cadel: (Smirks)


Cadel: ... ^^;


Cadel: (Lets go of her)

Alvera:(Gets up)

Lavera: (Watches over Cadel)


Cadel: (Asleep by now)

Nyra: (Puts Cadel in a hollow tree so he won't be as cold)


Lavera: (flies to the tree and protects Cadel from being harmed)

Three Hawk Hatchlings Screech in hunger

Lavera: ? (Hears)

a nurse hawk feeds them

Lavera: (Sleeps)

Typho:(Goes to rest)

(Months later)

Cadel: (Praticing his branching)

Typho:(Teaching him Air Combat)

Lavera: Heh...


Nyra: (Watches) Keep it up, Cadel. Soon, you'll be a Tyto soldier....


Cadel: (Claws)


Cadel: (Bites back)


Cadel: (Smirks and tries to attack again)


Cadel: (Glares and tries to attack yet again)

Typho: Think like your enemy and find his weakness

Cadel: (Sighs and tries to)

Typho:(Left wing is unprotected)

Cadel: (Tries to claw)

Lavera: (Smiling at Cadel's mostly failing attempts)

Typho:(I know your moves Cadel

Cadel: (Sighs, and makes a successful attack)


Cadel: (Smirks)

Typho:(No blood)

Cadel: (Annoyed)

Typho: Nice try

Lavera: (Giggles)

Typho: dismissed

Cadel: (Leaves)


Lavera: (Flies off)


Nyra: (Smirks)

Typho: Kludd

Kludd: Hm...?

Typho: Seek out your brother, tell him to surrender.... Or Die

Kludd: Yes... (Flies off)

At the new Ga'Hoole TreeEdit

Soren: (Resting on a branch)

Digger: *Sighs*

Twilight: Hm?

Digger: How was that posible we were protected

Glyfie: ....I.... don't know.

Digger:(Flies to Soren)

Soren: ?

Digger: Why us

(A familiar owl is seen flying to the new tree)

Soren: ....Kl-Kludd?

Digger: 0.0

Kludd: (Lands)

Soren: ...Y-you were dead....

Kludd: Forget about that. You must surrender to the Black Order and the Pure Ones...

Digger: Or what

Kludd: Or die....

Glyfie: (Glares at Kludd)

Lyze: Get lost

Kludd: (Screeches)


Kludd: (Slashes back)

Lyze:(Blocks) Sloppy form

Kludd: (Attempts to attack again)

Digger:(Bites Kludd's leg)

Kludd: (Screeches)

Digger: Get out Tyto

Kludd: (Ignores and attacks Soren)

Soren: Kl-Kludd.... (Forcfully attacks back)

Loud roars

Glyfie: ?

a Dragon Hand grabs Kludd an it tosses him back to the Dark Forest

Soren: (Not that fond of the dragon hand)

????:(A dragon's eye looks through the tree)

Glyfie: (Confused)

The dragon leaves

Soren: .....

????: Whatcha find today Hungaria?


  • Explain Later*

Hungaria:(Licks her rider)

Rednodh: (Notices them while hunting) Huh?

?????:(looks in the tree) This is new *Reaches in but doesn't grab*

Rednodh: (Tries to claw in defense)

????:(Eagle and flies in)

Rednodh: ...?

The Eagle:Whos in charge here?

Rednodh: Oh.... Boron and Barran.

The Eagle:(Flies out)

Rednodh: Hmmm....

The dragons head licks Rednodh affectionately

Rednodh: ...^-^

Darkstorm:(Come on out owls, I will not hurt you

Rednodh: ... (slowly exits the tree)

The Dragon:(Sniffs digger)

Digger: hm?

Hungara:(Dragon, Licks)

Digger: hehe. ^_^

Darkstorm: So you all need some help?

Soren: erm, yeah...

Darkstorm:(Whistles a bird call)

Several Eagles fly in

Glyfie: huh?

Darkstorm:(I have made some friends

Glyfie: ...

The Eagles:(Bow)