This is the 3rd Episode of Sonic Worms

Episode TranscriptEdit

Prologue #3: Heavy Muscles, Red & BlackEdit

(Mobius Timeline: Day 213, Year 3222)

Queen Aleena: (narrating) Every squad needs some heavy muscle. Whether it's a renegade squad who marches to his own mean beat, or a quiet giant who speaks with his fists. This is how Red & Black became Color Blasters.

(At the Color Blasters' Hide out [formerly the Bike Riders' Minor Base])

(Red & Black are in the Color Blasters' fight pen. Other Warriors are surrounding them. Blue, Green, Orange & Grey are on top of a nearby building)

Blue: (to Red & Black) This is the final part of your initiation: you survive the pen, you earn yourself a vest.

Red: Alright.

Black: Let's do this.

?????:(Deep growls)

Red & Black: (gets ready to fight)

Darkstorm: Walks into view)

Blue: Greetings, who are you?

Darkstorm: Darkstorm

Blue: Pleasure to meet you, my name is Blue & this is Green, Orange & Grey. And the 2 others who are inside the fight pen is Red & Black. And they're ready for their initiation.

Darkstorm: Hmmph

Blue: Watch & learn.

(We see that Other Color Blasters gets in the fight pen & then surrounds Red & Black)

Blue: And begin!

(The Other Color Blasters charges at Red & Black & then fights the duo)

Red & Black: (begins to fight back by using their punches)

Darkstorm:(To Blue) Have you seen him *Shows a picture of Bakuu*

Blue: The last time we've saw him, he is helping us take over the Bike Rider's Minor Base & then he just left.


Green: That's what we want to know too.

Grey: But I think it has something to do with him & the Bike Riders, because Bakuu said that he wants to know from Max about other gangs.

Orange: That confuses me too. Why would Bakuu want to find more gangs?

Red: (slams a Color Blaster Gang Member at the ground) I don't know, that confuses me too.

Black: This confuses me too (punches another Color Blaster Gang Member)

Blue: Maybe it has something to do with this Gang Warfare that has begun years ago.

Green: I wonder if the Gang Warfare has something to do with Bakuu's family

Darkstorm: He's my son

Orange: He's your son?! But how did you & your son escape from the Gang Warfare?

Darkstorm: He is my son (Puts on a hood and Eyes glow yellow) Clean out your ears moron

Grey: Sorry about Orange, we didn't know that your his father

Teniahk:(Drops in)

Green: Hello there, who are you?

Teniahk: Dark Princess Teniahk

Blue: It is very nice to meet you, I'm Blue & this is Green, Orange, Grey & the two who are in the pen are Red & Black

Darkstorm: Shtako

Orange: Huh?

Blue: Never mind, Red & Black have survived the pen long enough. Alright, Color Blasters, stand down!

(The other Color Blasters start leaving the pen. Red & Black are panting in the pen)

(Cut to Red & Black in their vests. Blue, Grey, Green, Orange and some other Color Blasters come over to them)

Blue: You guys are definitely Color Blaster material. We're going to a party later on. You guys should come along.

Red: Yeah. Y'know, we'll catch up with you. I have some girls I have to shake off first.

(The other Color Blasters head off, leaving Red & Black on their own)

Darkstorm:(Grabs Red and Black) I have some need of you two

Red: Oh sure thing...

Black: We like to help...

Darkstorm: Find my son

Red: Alright, finally our first mission...

Black: Alright, let's do this...

Red & Black: (slithers off to find Bakuu)

Darkstorm:(Nearly is sick) I realy hate worms

Red: (from far away) We heard that!

(With Red & Black)

Red & Black: (are searching Bakuu in a Stand Festival)

Red: Hmm, if I was Bakuu, where could I be?

Black: I'm not sure where'd he go, but I think he went off in that direction, even though we don't know where he is...

Red: Aw great, we don't know where he is...

Black: Don't worry, we will find Bakuu somehow


Red: Where? He could be anywhere around here...

Bakuu:(Grabs Black from behind)

Black: RED! Someone touched me...

Red: What are you talking about, I don't see someone touching you...

Black: Aw man, I believe that would be a ghost, right?

Red: Ghosts only comes out in night time, you know that...

Black: Well, what time is it?

Red: Does it look like I'm carrying a watch?

Black: Oh, good point...never mind.

(Suddendly two Bike Riders members smashes 2x4 at the back of Red's & Black's heads, knocking them out)

Benny & Donny: (evil grins)

Benny: Hey boss, we knocked them out good

Max: (arrives with other Bike Riders) Well done boys, now for those vests

Benny: Yeah, they should've know they wear those colours in our turf.

(Cut to Red & Black get up. The Bike Riders have stolen their vests)

Red & Black: (without their vests, waking up)

Red: (groans) My head

Black: Man, what did they hit me with?

Red: Wait a minute, what happened to our vest?!

Black: Our new vests are gone!

Red: We gotta go after them & get our colours back.

Black: But what about Bakuu? We have to get him first, he needs our help.

Red: Alright, let's go find him. And speaking of Bakuu, did you say that a ghost touched you?

Black: Yes, what's your point?

Red: Somehow Bakuu is invisible...!

Black: Great, if we have a scientist in our team we can find him easily with invisibility/heat seeking goggles

Red: (notices a spray can & picks it up) Not necessarily. I have an idea. (to Bakuu, who is still invisible) Bakuu, if your invisible, then hold your breathe & close your eyes cause this spray can might sting a little (shakes the spray can & is about to spray)

No sound

Red: Fine, have it your way. (starts spraying green paint everywhere, trying to find Bakuu)

Black: (holds his breathe)

A spear tip hits the can and paint goes all over red)

Red: Hey! Aw sick dude!

Black: (notices some of the paint got on the spear tip) Look! (points to an invisible Bakuu) Wait, we're here because Darkstorm want us to find you.

Bakuu:(can see the puddles of water on the ground so he sticks to the roofs of houses) I will find them myself

Red: You mean your family because of the Worm Gang Warfare?

Bakuu:(Walks off)

Black: Come on Bakuu, don't be mad! Wait up! (goes after Bakuu)

Red: (sighs) (was about to follow, but he heard something) Huh? Hold on, I'll catch up later. (follows the sound & finds Benny with the Bike Rider members in a back alley & Benny is wearing Black's vest)

Gon: So you stole their colours? Man, that's cold!

Benny: (wearing Black's vest) Yeah, well, that's what happens. Those worms shouldn't even be on our turf, man!


Red & Black: (starts attacking the Bike Riders & Benny)

Benny: Hey! What the heck man? Your still back for more & who is this guy? (points to Bakuu)

Bakuu: Your worst nightmare

Benny: You don't look like a worst nightmare. What's worse than it was with you now?

Bakuu:(Turns Vampire and roars)

Benny: Nice try, but I've seen this before. How can you possible scare me?

Red: Oi ! Benny!

Benny: (turns pale as he saw Red & Black) Red & Black?!

Black: Payback time (whacks Benny with a 2x4, knocking him out cold at the head)

Benny: (knocked out cold)

Black: (strips Benny from Black's vest & wears his vest, meaning he got his vest back) Alright, I got my vest back!

Red: Now all it's left is my vest. Now where could it be? Those Bike Riders still had it.

Bakuu:(Hangs benny over a shark pit)

Black: Whao there, what are you doing?

Gon: Oi! Bakuu! (knocks at Bakuu out unconsciouss with a large metal pole)

Bakuu:(Just dents the Pole and growls angrily) START RUNNING

Gon: Oh yeah? (whistles)

(Suddendly about a hundred members of the Bike Riders, started attacking Bakuu)

Red: Hey, Worms don't have legs & we don't run, we slither away. Try saying something right next time, I'll go get my vest back.

Black: Alright then, guess there's too many for us to handle. Come on!

Red & Black: (slithers away)

Bakuu:(Throws energy balls)


Red & Black: (panting)

Black: Does this guy gets angerier when he have his issues?

Red: I don't know, but I don't wanna find out.

Red & Black: (notices the Bike Riders have captured Bakuu & takes them inside a small hotel, which is another Minor hideout of the Bike Riders, hundreds of Bike Riders starts brutally attacking Bakuu in the basement)

Red: Aw man, now what?

Black: Guess it's time to sneak in

Red & Black: (starts sneaking in the hideout & notices Max with a Female Mobian wearing Red's vest)

Red: That's my vest. And a girl is wearing one, I'll be right back.

Black: Alright, I'll catch up later (goes in the basement after Bakuu & hides behind the boxes) (whispers) Bakuu, over here. It's Black. Red & I are here to help you.

Bakuu:(Picks the lock and and sticks the shadows)

Black: Alright, let's hope Red knows what he's doing

(From a upper level)

(We see Max in his room with a female mobian wearing only her bra, underwear & Red's vest)

Max: (with a female mobian) Come on baby, just this once. I'll be gentle, I swear.

Bakuu:grabs max and knocks him out) sorry miss but we are going to need that back

Max: (gets up, wielding a knife) Over my dead body!

Red: (enters) If you insist, Max! We want my vest back!

Max: (stabs at Bakuu)

Bakuu:(Roars) Bad move (Grabs the mobian and drinks her blood)

Red: (suddendly grabs the mobian before he makes a move) Have you lost your mind?!

Max: (to Bakuu) Go ahead, she's no use of me anymore. Just follow the buzzards, cause you sir are no demon!

Black: (arrives) What's going on here?

Red: Bakuu is trying to drink the girl's blood!

Black: Why Bakuu, why are you doing this? We're trying to help the innocent, not kill them! The Color Blasters are not like that, you know.

Bakuu: apparently you more Nieve than I thought (Walks of)

Red: Bakuu, where the heck are you going now?

Black: And why would you try to drink the girl's blood for?


Red: Then why didn't you say something before?

Max: (was about to sneak away)

Bakuu:(Power jumps infront of Max) Where do you think you going

Max: Aw man.

Female Mobian (cat): What is going on here?

Red: (notices the female mobian) Hmm...what should we do with the female mobian?

bakuu:(Picks her up) Max is yours to deal with (Runs to a shelter to get the girl to safety)

Black: Got it. (attacks Max)

Red: Wait, the girl is still wearing my vest.

It suddenly is on him and Bakuu's jacket is on the girl

Red: Huh? (notices his vest) Well that was quick. Thanks. Good to have my vest back

Black: Come on, let's get Bakuu back to Darkstorm.

Female Mobian: (to Bakuu) Thanks for taking me to safety.

Bakuu:(Your welcome *Heads to the mansion to get her some clothes*

Red & Black: (looks at each other)

(Darkstorm had been tailing them

Red: Well we betta get going & get Bakuu back to Darkstorm.

Black: (to Bakuu) Come on Bakuu, it's time to go back to your dad.

Darkstorm:(Flies to him)

Bakuu: I know he is here

Red: Hey Darkstorm. Here's Bakuu, just like you asked.

Darkstorm: you guys can leave (See's the girl) did you get yourself a girlfriend Bakuu


Red & Black: (slithers away, outside)

Red: Ah, yeah...

(Red & Black spot some Bike Riders down the street)

Red: Aw man. Bike Riders. Let's get our butts back to our turf.

(The two worms try to make a clean getaway, but the Bike Riders spot them)

Bike Rider 1: What the heck!

Bike Rider 2: Color Blasters!

Bike Rider 3: Hey, they jumped Benny!

Red: Chew on this, you cowards! (makes a funny face)

Black: I hope that was worth it!

(Red & Black slithers away as fast they can back to their turf, while the Bike Riders chase them down, trying to get their hands on Red & Black)

Darkstorm and Bakuu:(Fly over head with the girl on bakuu's back)

(Red & Black are slithering to their turf. Blue, Grey, Green, Orange and other Warriors come over to them. The Bike Riders who were chasing them stop running)

Bike Rider 1: Ah, it's not even worth it.

Bike Rider 2: You chumps are lucky, but next time...

Red: Yeah? How about right now? Well, what are you waiting

Blue (to Red) First night with us and you're already stirring it up?

Red: But...

Blue: I know what you mean, but right now this is not the time or the place. We need to talk

(The Warriors start to head off)

Red: Aw man.

(Later, back at the Color Blasters' hangout)

Blue: (to Red & Black) Explain what happened?

Red: Alright, Darkstorm gave us this mission to bring back his son Bakuu back to him.

Black: And while we're in the mission, the Bike Riders stole our vests, but with the help from Bakuu, we manage to stop them & bring our vests back.

Blue: I see...

Darkstorm and bakuu lands

Blue: Greetings Darkstorm & Bakuu, Red & Black told me all about their first mission in their first night as a Color Blaster.

Bakuu:(Hugging the girl)

Female Mobian Cat: (purrs as she hugs back)

Blue: Anyways, let's get back to work.

The End