Sub-Zero, formerly Alan Dantana, was a tube grown child before being put in his birthing mom of Brittney Dantana. His Biological father is the Dark Master of Warfang known as Malefor, but after he was born Alan could only do Ice based attacks and for that he was rejected and unwanted.

Love InterestsEdit

When Sub-Zero became a teen and began to form his army he met another dragon born, a water type named Aquas the Dragon Born. They had know each other since they became team mates and began going out for a while. Sub-Zero met other Dragon Borns but the one he cares for the most is Aquas.

Hatred for FrijirEdit

When word spread through the multiverse of the birthing of Malefor's heir named Frijir, after the death of Malefor himself, Sub-Zero began to find things out that Malefor loved Frijir more than Sub-Zero before his birthing. Now he plots to kill young Frijir before he becomes an adult, but each time he attempts to do so he is thwarted by either Spyro, Zonoya, Darkstorm, Cynder or the others. Sub-Zero's rage continues to build as the hatred for his "baby Brother" and his father grows stronger. He later joins Everburns campaign to take over Warfang and kill Frijir, but Sub-Zero's rage is begining to blind him to the truth for that Everburn plans to Kill both Frijir and himself to that he can never be challenged in the struggle for ultimate power.

Aquiring Seph TechnologyEdit

After defeating Everburn and saving his brother from death, Sub-Zero went to Earth for meditation only to be attacked by Seph warriors in which the battle costed his right leg. He ripped the right leg of one of the seph and fitted it to him and made it work, but he was never whole, his rage brought him back to Warfang to enact his rage on the Seph that was attacking it, he once again saves his brother from seph attacks. He then looked at Frijir with utter rage in his eyes and told him to run to safety, he would cover his escape. Later on when Spyro and the other dragons met up with darstorm and Aquas, Sub-Zero arrived mortally wounded and his prostetic leg sparking and failing, his blood cakes the metal. He woke up in a medi-tent where the seph leg had been perfectly fitted to his body and is fully functional, as he got up he noticed Frijir and Aquas sleeping by his bed side, they never left his side.