The Dark Realm is a world of pure evil, all villians who were banished with a Lime Green Crystal are sent this this "Hell hole" to suffer in eternal damnation for their sins.



Sketch of Vashnera

The self proclaimed ruler of the Dark Realm, Vashnera is really the Unholy Counterpart of Darkstorm the Halfbreed with an Evil twist. Vashnera considers himself to be an all powerfull Demon but the fact is that he barely compares to Everburn in power and Strength, so to gain the powers he needs he makes deals with lower level villians and whenn they fail him their powers go to him. Upon meeting Angry Ogun he was dethroned from his position as ruler of all Dark Realm and all the evil powers the Vashera had taken from lower level Villians all went to Angry Ogun, afterwards Vashnera was considered a laughing stock of the Dark Realm, once the most feared Power theif now just an annoying Parasite. When Vashnera got his claws on the Hairs of the Mane 6, he began making evil clones of them and when he was finished he called upon Angry Ogun to see them and agree to an Allience to take over Equestria and the Transdimensional Allience.

Villians banished Here (Only Sponge, Venom, Assassin and Darkest can edit)Edit

  • Vashnera
  • Predalien
  • Snowstorm
  • Dromeo