A strong wolf pack has fallen. Their alpha male had died of old age, and food is now scarce. But his son, a young wolf named Tkalis, has a plan to lead them. Though one "evil" wolf in the pack is very unsure of it, the rest of the wolves agree on it. The "evil" omega wolf stirkes back at the pack, becomes a lone wolf, and plans to kill the late alpha's son. Will the evil wolf destory the once strong BlackPaw pack?


Follow Tess's rules

Wolves cannot have more than one mate.

This is a realistic Rolplay, so female wolves cannot have no more than six pups.

Follow the "no force-breeding" rule: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=784932

You will have one warning if you break one of the rules. And if you break one again, you will be kicked out.


Tkails (Venom; Hero)

Celyn (Villain; played by Venom)

Ashia (Hero; played by Venom)

Nada (Hero; played by Venom)

Greywing the Skywolf (Hero)

Talin *Villian*

Silverpaw (Hero)

Havak (Deceased; hero)

(Can we start?)



Chapter OneEdit


Celyn: (Getting a drink of water)


Celyn: (Harassed by the pack, omega ranked)


Celyn: This again... (Rolls his eyes at his pack)

Talin is different marks on his back indicated that he had wings

The Alpha Male: Celyn.... what are you doing?

Celyn: (Growls) Nothing.


Nada: (Bites Celyn's ear) Do not growl at the alpha.

Talin:(Bite Nada)

Nada: (Attacks Talin)

Talin:(Claws Nada's eye)

Ashia: (Bites Talin's muzzle) Leave my sis alone.

Talin:(Claws at Ashia)

Ashia: (Howls and slashes at his stomach)

Talin:(Howls and bites Nada hard)

Nada: (Squeals, bites Talin's ear)

Talin:(Pins her and Ashia) I am Talin, once a feared SKy Wolf

Ashia: .....What do you want from us? Celyn is a disgrace to our pack. He killed a wolf pup.... and because of that, we almost abandoned him. He mocks our Alphas, and he attempted to murder my mother.

Talin:(Softens and unpins) You want vengence?

Ashia: Yes.... we want him dead.

Talin:(Laughs) Join me, (Looks at Nada) Is she single

Ashia: ....Yes...

Talin: Circes Nada)

Nada: (Blushes, but smirks)


Nada: ^^ (Licks back)

Talin: lets go (Walks ahead)