The Shadow Festival celebrates Apocalia's Acension from darkness and the defeat of the Tyrant Snowstorm the Conqueror

Day and Month of the CelebrationEdit

The Celebration starts within the begining of the 4th week of the tenth month (The 4th week of October) and it on the beginning of the 5th week.


Basically its like a renessiance fair on Earth except real weapons are used, fatalities within the Festival is less than likely to happen since the King and Queen oversee what goes on. There will also be the telling of the story of the Discorvery of Apocalia soon after the first story, the participents will continue on with the games of the festival, (Archery,spear throwing, forging, ect), soon the final event of the Festival is on the Final night of the 4th week, the story of the acension and defeat of Snowstorm, this last part will show the battle of Apocalia and the Crowning of Dark Lord Darkstorm.

Dungeon SeigeEdit

The Dungeon Seige part of the Festival is a roleplaying game where the veiwers sit and listen to a story, there is also a great battle in which the King and Queen participate as the greatest warriors (People who are chosen by the King and queen) fight for the honor of becoming the Honor guard to the king and Queen (Within the game).