Whitelight was the former Viruni of the City of Necromancy and the late first wife of Darkstorm-Actu-Sin.


Whitelight was the eldest daughter in a family three containing two brothers, both of which protected her fiercely. During Snowstorm's reign, she was a representative of the Five Tribes, where she was taken prisoner along with the other four members before they were freed.

Whitelight married Darkstorm months after the War for Liberation, becoming the newest Drak'Viruni to Apocalia's throne. She maintained her knowledge of necromancy, as well as ruling her share of the kingdom. Months into her rule, she had become pregnant with her husband's child, but would not be able to raise it when the Jen'tchu War broke out and Dromeo gutted her alive. Afterwards, she birthed her son and sent him to safety in a basket down a river.